Our Team

Photo of Natasha A. Jackson Natasha A. Jackson Executive Director

Natasha A. Jackson, Executive Director, is a Maryland native that has lived in North Carolina for over 18 years.  She holds an MBA and a Master’s in Human Services, specializing in Family, Marriage, Couples  and Counseling. Natasha has over 10 years of experience in mental health with a specialization in trauma and crisis response. She is an Equity Stage Manager, has her certificate as a Consent Forward-Artist and is currently working to complete her certification as an Intimacy Director.

Natasha has been a part of the theatre community for the past 17 years.  Her equity shows include  Yodyful Music production, No Fear Blues Long Gone: Nina Simone and EbzB Production Native.  Additional stage manager work includes Long Story Short with UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University production of Dancing at Lughnasa.  Natasha’s community theater experience includes Ghost, Little Women, Gay Card, By the Way Meet Vera Stark and Manbites Dog final production Wakey Wakey.  Her live stage manager events include Raleigh Women March and Raleigh March for Science.  

Natasha’s commitment to community and desire to foster tough conversations became evident when she made her directorial debut in 2020 with Pearl Cleage’s Bourbon at the Border to rave reviews and DOT written by Colman Domingo.  Natasha plans to use her passion and experience for theatre and mental health as a catalyst to motive and empower others to achieve excellence.

Photo of J. Mardrice Henderson J. Mardrice Henderson Artistic Director

J. Mardrice Henderson, Artistic Director, received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Acting from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is a professional in theatre performance and a member of the Actor’s Equity Association. He has been a featured performer at the 2019 and 2022 cycle of the International Black Theatre Festival. Notable performances include “Richard Wright” in Native and “Walker” in Blues in My Coffee, written and directed by Ted Lange.

J. Mardrice received a Master’s of Science degree in Administration from the University of South Dakota in 2019 with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. He was a contracted affiliate with the federal government for 10 years, serving as a program manager for the Social Security Administration (SSA). After a brief stint as Operations Manager for BauscherHepp, an international distributor of tabletop and buffet products, he returned to the federal government as an IT Specialist for SSA Headquarters in 2023.

J. Mardrice is also a writer with works presented in online platforms as well as in-person workshop pieces. He is the host of “Oh My Josh”, a self-produced podcast. J. Mardrice is also featured in two feature films, The Problem of the Hero and The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, directed by Tina Mabry. J. Mardrice believes that theatre should be a reflection of life and provide sanctuary for cathartic experiences for both artists and audiences.

Photo of J. Ra’Chel Fowler J. Ra’Chel Fowler Marketing Director

J. Ra’Chel Fowler, Marketing Director, is a seasoned Consent-Forward performance artist with a penchant for roles that emphasize the intricate facets of femininity. She is concurrently pursuing the credentials necessary to be certified as an Intimacy Coordinator and Director.

J. Ra’Chel possesses additional advanced degrees in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology, respectively, and is a graduate of the theatre department at NCCU. J. Ra’Chel is a Certified Paralegal and a Criminologist operating within the framework of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Her principal endeavor is to ensure that the juvenile and criminal legal systems are more humane, effective, and equitable. She brings a distinctive viewpoint to the performance world by virtue of the intersectionality of her creative endeavors and professional achievements.

J. Ra’Chel has the intention of leaving each experience she enters, both on and off stage, with a positive transformation. It is evident that each creative space she enters serves to accomplish this.

Photo of Mark Robinson Mark Robinson Treasure/Finance Director

Mark Robinson, Finance Director, is a native of Jamaica Queens, New York currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina. With a background rooted in Administration and education in Business Administration, Mark brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to his roles.

Mark’s journey in the world of acting began 15 years ago, showcasing his early passion for performance. Over the years, he has evolved into a multifaceted artist, sharing the stage with some of the greats even as a background artist. His involvement in various Gospel Stage and Theater projects, including “Because My Father Said So,” “Sins of My Father,” “Guns of Ava,” and Coleman Domingo’s “Dot,” to name a few. In addition to his achievements on stage, Mark has delved into the world of film. His notable projects include “Hope of Escape” and “She’s Scorned 2,” showcasing his versatility across different mediums. Transitioning seamlessly from stage to film, Mark continues to expand his horizons in the entertainment industry.

Mark remains a humble individual, always striving for greater heights. Along with his dedication to pushing others, speaks to his passion for the arts and his desire to make a positive impact on those around him. As he continues to evolve in both the acting and finance realms, Mark Robinson’s journey is one to watch for inspiration and growth. His dedication to pushing others is noteworthy, reflecting a commitment to mentorship and community building. Mark strives not only for personal success but also actively contributes to the growth and development of those around him.

Photo of Shereatha McLean Terry Shereatha McLean Terry Secretary and Communications Director

Shereatha McLean Terry, Secretary and Communications Director, is a North Carolina native and has worked in the theatre community for twelve years, in mental health for 17 years, and in education for 10 years. She maintains a bachelor’s in Sociology and Criminal Justice and Masters in Education. Shereatha’s theatre experience includes stage management, lighting/sound technician, costume assistance, mental health/social-emotional support in the theatre setting, and COVID safety. In education and mental health, her devotion is to students with autism, underserved populations, parent advocacy, and instructional professional development.

Shereatha’s focus in the theatre community is to build long-lasting relationships that challenge individuals to grow and develop in their desired areas. She is often asked to step outside her comfort zone, including shows from Oklahoma to Nina Simone. And also credits herself by asking others to do the same to ensure that the theater community is consistently moving forward. Her greatest desire is to bring healing to people through the arts and to create spaces where individuals are seen, heard, and safe!

Photo of Juan Isler Juan Isler Website/Tech Director

Juan Isler. website/Tech Director, is from Kinston, North Carolina. He attended Winston-Salem State University where he earned a BS in music. He is currently a Finance & Operations Specialist at North Carolina State University. Isler is a Raleigh Arts Commissioner and a theatre executive producer, director, actor, and sound designer.

Juan had been involved with the theatre community since 2014. His work has been seen and heard across North Carolina. He has performed with several Wake County theatre organizations and with the National Black Theatre Festival. Juan is a also a choir director and a former disc jockey.

Isler considers his work with young people as one of his greatest achievements. He has not only taught technique at theatre venues but also at various colleges and universities. He is looking forward to celebrating the accomplishment that RECTime will be a part of.

Photo of Stan Williams Stan Williams Advisor

Rev. Stanley A. Williams, III, Advisor, is a native of Fayetteville, NC.  A double alum of Duke, Stanley obtained his Bachelor’s and Masters of Divinity degrees there and currently serves as Assistant Pastor of a church in Durham, NC.  Stanley has worked for Duke University for nearly twenty years (both the university and the health system) and currently works in clinical health. 

Although his experience with local theater began less than a decade ago, he has over twenty-five years of experience, first performing on-stage and working backstage while in college at Duke University.    Through his myriad of interests and experiences, Stanley has been afforded a myriad of opportunities ranging from co-teaching and guest lecturing graduate-level courses to guest appearances on podcasts, and from community theater and professional opera performances to guest solos for local community fundraisers with local chorales and premiering choral works at Carnegie Hall. 

Passionate about learning and teaching, Stanley is especially excited about the ways in which RecTime will educate and empower others and, perhaps, allow some to broaden their imaginations, realizing the dreams and passions they once considered unattainable.

Photo of Tina Morris-Anderson Tina Morris-Anderson Advisor

Tina Morris-Anderson, Advisor, featured in the Raleigh News and Observer as one of the “Portraits of the Triangle’s Creative Class,” Tina Morris-Anderson has performed in many Triangle theatrical productions, including: The Face of Emmett Till (Mamie Till-Mobley), The Dance on Widows’ Row (Magnolia) at the 2022 National Black Theatre Festival, Bourbon at the Border (Mae), Bright Star (Alice), Cinderella (Fairy Godmother), Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Nell), Ghost: The Musical (Oda Mae), Hairspray (Motormouth Maybelle), Caroline, or Change (Moon), and Once On This Island (Asaka). Tina has been a featured soloist with the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra and the Raleigh and Durham Symphony Orchestras, and performed in the North Carolina Opera’s Porgy and Bess. A member of the Deep River Singers, she performed at Carnegie Hall last summer.

Tina’s directing credits include: Colored People’s Time (Duke University), I Saw Him (The Fountain of Raleigh Fellowship), By the Way, Meet Vera Stark (NRACT) and Mahalia: A Gospel Musical (NRACT). Tina lives in Raleigh with her husband Paul; they have two talented sons, Paul II and Noah.